Garolla Advert Redesign

Working as a copywriter and marketer, It wasn’t within my job description to make any amendments to the design of this advertising campaign, I wasn’t involved in the initial design process at all, I was to simply resize and add the correct number to each advertisement.

However, we received a number of comments from some of the publications we were purchasing advertisement space from, suggesting that we went with a design that was a little more “upmarket”.

Without a brief to work to I decided to remain true to the current format that was working well for the company:

Garolla Dartford Ad 90Garolla Epsom Ad 130 x 90mm

I kept all of the main features of this current artwork and ‘tidied up’ to create a more pleasing and less stressful visual impact.

Garolla Perspective Ad Landscape 2018 copyGarolla Perspective Ad Portrait 2018 copy

The new designs included all of the information from the current artwork, with the addition of the twitter, Facebook and website for the brand.

Before and After:

After some consideration, my artwork was declined due to the logistical issues of updating and replacing the thousands of already deployed artworks already in circulation.

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